Precision Control System
The enhanced precision navigation system with a GUI interface provides an enhanced user-experience coupled with manual or autonomous flight control.
Active Circulation Control
The Active Circulation Control (ACC) technology enables added inflight performance and deep-stall takeoff and landing.
Interchangeable Payload
Ora’s extended payload capacity increases mission capabilities through plug-and-play integration with various cameras and data storage solutions.

Ora is a high-performance, small, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) being designed for commercial applications. Ora employs sophisticated aerodynamics to improve the traditional fixed-wing aircraft performance envelope.

Active Circulation Control (ACC) is a flow control technology that improves the lift of fixed-wing aircraft by increasing the net circulation around the wing through kinematically energizing the boundary layer. ACC enables extended flight endurance, additional payload capacity, and deep-stall takeoff and landing.

The Ora is designed to support a plethora of mission objectives to accommodate demands for precision agriculture, water management, infrastructure monitoring, land mapping, pipeline tracking, disaster relief, and environmental protection.

Welcome to the next evolution in aircraft design.

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